Conversion optimization? Delight your customer


Yes, life would be so much easier if your digital platform would be smart and context aware at the moments it interacts with your customer. Presenting the right incentives at the right would drastically improve conversion rate (CVR) while presenting the right items for cross-sell and upsell outs average order value (AOV) through the roof. Why has this journey toward digital customization proven to be so arduous? Most webshops other than the few well-known multibillion-dollar tech companies are still struggling to customize the digital touchpoints of their customers. Yes, technology is one aspect, but there is something more fundamental: When it comes to digital personalization, do you have top-of-mind what creates value to your customer? 

When it comes to digital personalization, do you have top-of-mind what creates value to your customer?  

For a successful digital strategy, before you start thinking about data and tooling, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on what your customer gets out of it. Many times, the starting point for an eCommerce manager is ROI, conversion, AOV, etc. before addressing the fundamental question why your customer should prefer your platform. Creating this preference can be about little things: seeing trendy alternatives on a product page, items you searched for before in the suggestion list, promotions to appear on top on a lister page, there are endless ways to delight your customer. The point is: make sure you do it at every touchpoint.

A significant part of customers now use the recommendations to top-up their orders 

Pacombi Group, one of the top European distributors of packaging, disposables and business necessities requires customers to order a minimum amount worth of goods to get free shipment. While you like to let your customer know that adding one item could save them the shipping cost, you don’t want to steer them away from checkout, as that would kill conversion. Pacombi decided to utilize the shopping cart page to display the order amount still needed and to present personalized product suggestions to the customer. These top-up suggestions are based on order frequency of the specific customer, how complementary they are to the products already in the shopping cart and how close the price is to the amount needed. It may not seem a major thing, but customers recognize straight away that the recommendations are relevant and that they help to quickly complete orders. A significant part of customers now use the recommendations to top-up their order value to qualify for free shipping.


Pacombi used a straightforward data set to get the personalized top-up suggestions: historical order data per customer and product information. Using SPARQUE, the desired outcomes were modeled within half a day, using strategy building blocks - blocks represent basic functions for filtering, aggregating, extraction, ranking, etc. It is easy to incrementally expand both the data model and the result strategy. To present relevant top-ups to new customers, who do not have order history, the visited product pages (from the server logs) can be mixed in the result set. Scoring can be done such that when there is a lot of order history, orders count more than page and vice versa.

SPARQUE provides companies with the technology to reach out to each user at various touchpoints in the customer journey. There are many other examples how mobilizing data can help you to anticipate needs of visitors and interact with them meaningfully, as if your platform was a person.