Be more relevant to your customers in their journey. Your visitors want you to anticipate their needs and respond interactively at any touchpoint. SPARQUE is flexible and can model your understanding of customer behaviour to bring targeted content to each person, across applications and channels.
  • Personalize search results and suggestions and get the search results on top that interest each customer most
  • Show each customer the items that match their shopping trip and improve sales and customer engagement
  • Personalized offers and promotions, selected from items and categories your customer is shopping for
  • Follow-up the purchase with an email or guide your customer quickly to the content that explain usage
  • Help your customers with non-familiar purchases with a relevant selection that match their situation
  • Share news and other content with your customer to help them recognize and reinforce the positives of their purchase
  • Suggest essential items to your customer that will increase the benefits of their previous shopping purchase
  • Make the most of your loyalty program and make your customers feel appreciated