After-sales content

Deliver that ease-of-use experience

You made the sale and now you need to deliver on the promise? Guide your customers to content that help get them started. 


Don't leave your customer wondering

Share valuable content with your customer about how he can make the best possible use of your product. Information about how best to use, apply or configure the product can really boost his overall experience. Rather than relying on a guide that may have been printed months ago, you would like to share the latest videos, guides or insights from user forums. 


Be pro-active in after-sales

With SPARQUE, you automate the selection of content to boost the after-sales experience for each customer. Sparque matches the content in your CMS or DAM to the purchase your customer made. But SPARQUE isn’t dumb rule-setting. Instead, you relate historical purchases to content visited and model the probability that a purchase needs after-sales content and which kind of content. This way, customers who bought a radio controlled toy car don't get an user guide emailed to them, while customers who bought a drone receive an email with links to great how-to videos. 


Too good to be true? How about personalizing the customer service section on your website by putting the topics related to the purchase of each individual customer on top? With SPARQUE, you can.