Choice supportive content

Customers need confirmation, also after the purchase

You want your customers to feel good about their purchase? Share news and content with your customers that help recognize and reinforce the positives.


Your customer's experience starts after the purchase

Even after the sale, your job is not done. You want your customers to be happy about their purchase and not to experience buyer’s remorse. Your customer may wonder whether he should have waited to get a better price, purchased something else or gathered more information first. Next to having an excellent after-sales service and a return policy, reinforcing the positives of the purchase and helping your customer to recognize the benefits of the purchase, contribute greatly to overall satisfaction. This is especially important for items that are relatively expensive or infrequently bought by a customer. 


Reinforce the positives

With SPARQUE, you automate the personalized selection of content to boost the after-sales experience of each customer. The content in your CMS or DAM is actively offered, via email or other channels, to each customer based on the purchase. Sparque's data driven technology automates the execution. For example, by getting an email to your customers after a purchase, guiding them to valuable content with useful, funny or inspiring information about the product or the use of it. You can also point to user-generated content on YouTube or other media that feature the product.


Your customer made a great choice buying from you, make sure that feeling lasts.