Complementary products

Make the best of a cross-sell opportunity

How to remind your customer of essential items they need to complete their shopping trip?


Complete the shopping trip

Help your customer remember essential items they need in their current shopping trip and you will increase your order size. Based on what is already in the shopping basket, you can recommend essential ingredients for a meal, plugs to go with screws or paper and ink to go with printers. One of our B2B customers is a leading company in construction materials distribution. Based on what is already in the shopping cart of the customer, SPARQUE calculates what are the best matching items and proposes those to the customer. This way, your customer won't forget essential items and at the same time, your order size and ROI will improve.


Cross-selling involves much more than pairing products

With SPARQUE, you no longer need to manually pair various items. Order history or other data, online or offline, reveal what are suitable matches. More importantly, SPARQUE not only suggests the item but also the probability that it is the right fit. This allows you to consider various situations to propose a complementary product. Where you don’t want to interrupt the order flow, e.g. during the check-out, you can use high cut-off values and where risk of distraction is low, on product pages or shopping cart, you can use lower cut-off values. 


With SPARQUE, both your customers and your ROI will benefit from complementary products.