Contextualized content

Instant recognition

What do you want your customers to see when they land on your homepage? On your most valuable piece of real estate, you want to mirror the interest areas of your visitor, instantly.


One-on-one content, fitting the context

With contextualized - also referred to as dynamic - content on your homepage, you automate what is displayed to match interests, weather, time of day or other contextual information about your current visitor. Yes, you can even fully personalize for each individual visitor, placing personal offers for returning customers on your homepage. A leading fashion retailer starts its beachwear campaign in May. The weather in May in Northern Europe can vary quite a lot however, with beautiful days of 25°C but also cold and rainy 12°C days. So, do you want to show beachwear on your homepage when it is 12°C outside? Not if your sales data indicate that at those temperatures people buy sweaters rather than bikinis! 


Predict what your customer has in mind

With SPARQUE, fashion companies can connect sales data to historical weather data. Using actual or forecasted weather, the data model would return the images of fashion items that were sold best at various temperatures. To take season into account, you could add to the model the condition that sales had to take place in the same period in previous years. You prefer to use pageviews next to or instead of sales data, or any other data? Not a problem. 


SPARQUE's data model provides you the flexibility needed to be fully aware of context.