Loyalty offers

Loyalty is a two-way street

How can you help your customer to make the most of the loyalty program you offer?


ROI is about lifetime value

The ability to smooth acquisition costs of a new customer over his or her lifetime value - rather than over a single purchase, is the single most effective way to improve ROI. Reach out to loyal customers in a personalized manner and enhance loyalty. Research published by Forbes in 2014, show that at Tesco, redemption rates on individual tailor-made coupons were 10-20 percent, compared to the usual 1 percent or less on non-personalized offers. 

If you gather individual purchase data, you build a great understanding of each consumer’s interest. This way, you can really bring out the value of tailor-made offer and their benefit to each individual shopper. You can send individual offers via email, or remind your customers during their shopping trip of personalized offers and promotions waiting for them. 


Your customers get great benefits, make sure they know

With SPARQUE, you mobilize the intelligence you need to increase loyalty. You can have loyalty offers displayed in email, webshop or other channels. Online or offline shopping, brand or other preferences, past redemption behaviour, all valuable data can be put in the result strategy you need to model the right offer at the right moment. 

Make your customer feel appreciated with an individual and pro-active loyalty program!