Merchandising / Smart navigation

Adjust navigation to each customer

How to display relevant items and categories on top while your customer navigates through your site? You can offer your customer a much better experience by personalizing the order in which menus, items or search results are shown.


How many clicks before I get there?

Your customer is getting spoiled by ever better designs that make navigation more intuitive and that need fewer clicks. Many fashion sites, for example, immediately show items when you click “men”, you don’t have to navigate through the layers before you see jackets or jeans. However, as the category “men” contains so many different items, which ones do you show first? 


Show what is relevant on top

The solution SPARQUE provides is similar to personalizing search results. You can model relevance to best fit the type of business you are in. If you are in fashion, you can use data about recently viewed items or categories, brand preferences, availability or the person’s size. Or you can use more advanced predictive data such as weather to determine which items are most relevant. Of course, as your visitor progresses through the navigation or the facets, results will adapt immediately. 


With SPARQUE, you get the advantages of both navigation and search. Smart!