Personalized email content

Personalize content and get that attention

You want your customers to open your email newsletter? Is manually producing email content for multiple versions and customer selections becoming unworkable? Automate the selection of news and information to match the interests of each customer.


Relevance = engagement

When you have valuable content, you would like to make the best possible use of it and share that with your customers. Relevant content attracts attention and increases click through rates, conversion rates and order value. Imagine you have a webshop for pet products. You would like to send an email to people about special pet nutrition. You want owners of dogs, cats and fish to see different content. Other systems will either limit you either with inaccurate “historical” tags of who owns a dog or a cat, or by requiring you to model each audience seperately in your email engine. The cause of these limits lies in the fact that other engines work with exact matches.



Let your data speak

With SPARQUE, you do not need to manage an ever-expanding set of customer segments or content tags. Instead, you can model your question exactly as you articulate it, based on what historical data you have. For example, you may define “pet” by the type of food recently bought or pages visited recently - to ensure the person still has the pet. This way, owners who have more than one pet, receive relevant content about each of his pets. SPARQUE calculates the probability that someone is interested in specific content the very moment that you want to send the mailing.


With ever more data available, you no longer need to settle for “dumb” predefined tags or selection. SPARQUE gives you the best of both worlds: full control and data driven automation.