Relevant recommendations

Predict the most relevant products to each individual shopper

You want your visitor to see the products that best match the shopping trip? A seemless and customer friendly experience improves both customer satisfaction and key metrics.


It's all about the shopping trip

Recognizing at which point your customer is in his or her journey is key to presenting relevant items: what to present and when to present them. When is your customer exploring and when narrowing down choices? While browsing through product pages and pictures, your customer may still be exploring and you may want to present items that broaden potential candidates. However, as soon as colors, sizes or other product properties are becoming more common in a session, you may want to start narrowing recommendations to similar products.


Inspire, convert or up-sell?

SPARQUE allows you to model the behaviour of your customer and put that to use immediately in the recommendations. Using session data - pages visited or items put in the shopping basket, recommendations can be modeled to fit the shopping trip. In the same way an experienced sales person can tell what a customer is looking for from the way she browses through a store. SPARQUE mobilizes your data and allows you to model relevance the way you need it. Use unstructured data such product descriptions to determine product similarity? No problem. Or combine that with structured data such as product features or items that were bought together? Done. Should availability, profit margin or actual discounts be considered? Simply add them in the result strategy. 


Allow your customer's shopping trip to SPARQUE your recommendations!