Smart search

On-site search just got a lot smarter

You want your on-site search to return results that match known preferences of each customer? A more user-friendly way to search with keyword suggestions and suggested items? Search is critical in navigation and ever more so.


What if you want to personalize and show relevant results on top?

One of our B2B customers is a leading company in construction material distribution. The company has 100.000+ items that their customers can order. Straightforward keyword search would return hundreds of results, ranked to best match the keywords but not taking into account customer preferences. 


What makes a difference to your customer?

With SPARQUE, the company could model how familiar each item is to each customer. When a customer searches for plugs, the plugs he had bought before will rank higher. So if this customer mainly applies plasterboards, the plasterboard plugs will rank higher than regular wall plugs. To help rank items that a customer has not bought before, we applied brand preferences inferred from historical data and ranked accordingly. 


With SPARQUE, your visitors are offered a great experience and relevant search results. Your on-site search just got so much smarter.