Targeted promotions

Point your customer to relevant promotions

You want to send your customers personalized offers and promotions, selected from items and categories your customer is shopping for? 


Promotions matter, but which promotions?

As the journey of your customer progresses through the phases, you know that, for some customers, all it takes is the right promotion to close the sale. With your channel strategy, you aim to be where your customer is. With SPARQUE, you ensure you get the right promotion in that channel. Do away with one-size-fits-all email promotions or cluttered promotion sections. 


You determine how relevance flows from your data

With SPARQUE, you mobilize the intelligence from online and offline data to point each customer to the right promotions. For example, you can model the result strategy to reflect frequency and recency - the more a customer has visited items or categories and the more recent, the stronger the signals from the data become. As SPARQUE works with probabilities, promotions that no longer match your customer’s interest areas, automatically fade away, overtaken by better matches. Getting targeted promotions to each customer has never been easier. 


What works for your email also works for your retargeting list. Both your ROI and customer satisfaction will benefit from better targeting!