What SPARQUE can do for Tim DE

Meet Tim

Tim is the innovator behind the eCommerce business of a home improvement retailer. He’s a smart guy and keeps track of his customers’ actions online. If he could just match content to each customer! He has ideas that will immediately increase conversion rate, order size and loyalty. 


He already has lots of data he would really like to use

Tim has online data of individual customers as well as years of point-of-sales data. He wants the data to result in personalized search results and cross sell recommendations. His customers would really appreciate suggestions for materials they need,as their home improvement projects progress. But how can he bring the data together and feed results real-time to the website? 


Get started

Tim contacted SPARQUE and within days he could get started. What is most relevant to each customer is now shown first. Patterns that are important in Tim’s business, such as brand preferences, viewing history, popularity, seasonality and promotions are now used to determine relevance. Conversion rates have gone up significantly.


Oh, and just showing plugs that matched the size of screws helped to increase the order amount. And Tim’s customers? They are really happy with the improved shopping experience.

SPARQUE touchpoints DE

Stay close to your customer throughout his journey. SPARQUE provides you with the technology to reach out to each customer at every touchpoint. Your visitor wants you to anticipate his needs and interact meaningfully, as if your platform was a person. 


Do you want to know what SPARQUE can do for you? DE

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Visitors served by SPARQUE

SPARQUE customers boost conversion and order value every day by displaying personalized search results, product listings and recommendations.


  • Smart schema. Because every day, more sources of data become available. Adding data sources is simple so you can grow the model that fuels the business logic behind the right content or offer to your customer.
  • Platform independent. Because you want technology to fit your architecture, not the other way around. If your current platforms for email or website perform well but lack the intelligence, just have your application call the SPARQUE API. 
  • Agile. Because you want to get started, now! We deliver a minimal viable product operating on your data within a week. From there, you can expand and refine step-by-step.  
  • Results. Because being relevant to each customer can double your ROI. Increase conversion rate, order size and loyalty by offering what each customer needs, when he or she needs it.

What customers say DE

  • — Alexander Pluim, CTO BVA-Auctions

    "Working with SPARQUE has been a great experience. Our people work like one team and the technology opens up many options to execute our vision of what is important in online auctions."

  • — Ron Kessels, Director E-Business Saint-Gobain Distribution Benelux

    “We were really amazed with the flexibility of the SPARQUE solution. The way personalized product recommendations are now generated, is exactly what our customers need.”

  • — Stef van de Hoorn, Consultant Warmteservice Group

    “SPARQUE is very responsive to our needs. The recommendation engine we have built to assist customers is the very thing we were looking for”