You may be looking for the right career opportunity. We are always looking for the right talent


So, we will tell a bit about ourselves and if you like to know more, send us an email or contact your friends who may know us.  

We are a fast growing technology company that improves the online shopping experience of hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. 

We like data; we like connecting data and help others to put the data they have to work. We don’t really like plumbing but we like elegant solutions and sometimes we overdo the plumbing because it is so much nicer to have an elegant solution. 

We like fun, our kind of fun. We kill escape rooms. We love food. We don’t have a footy or ping-pong table, but we like to talk about shooting hoops outside when summer comes.  

We focus on results. Well, not all the time, because we spend a lot of time thinking what is the best way to achieve the results. Either way, we don’t need to look for excuses because we get the job done.   


If you like data, like to get things done and like to learn new ways to do things better, we don’t really care if you like escape rooms or food. We'd like to get to know you better and find out what you think is fun