Follow-up purchases

Sales is a continuous cycle

You want to suggest essential items to your customer related to their previous purchase? 


Stay connected to your customer

Many times customers make related purchases over time. Home improvement materials for example, are rarely bought all at the same time. Relevant promotions are key to ensure your visitor returns to you rather than go to another seller. Currently, DIY retailers attempt to always have something on offer in key categories. While that works well for offline sales brochures - where customers browse through to see if there is anything that suites their needs - promotions communicated via email have to show relevant items immediately. 


Your data suggest what is the best follow-up

With SPARQUE, the intelligence in your online and offline data triggers recommendations for relevant follow-up purchases. SPARQUE will detect in your purchase data that customers typically buy paints two weeks after they have bought the plasterboards. Customers who bought plasterboards in the previous week will receive in their weekly email the paint promotions, while customers who bought floor panels receive promotions of floor care products. The selection of which promotions to show to each customer is data driven, taking into account recent purchases, pages visited or any other set of behaviour you deem relevant. 


Stay connected to your customer and increase revenue and satisfaction over time.