B2B Personalisation - How to make it successful

How to use your own data and algorithms to level up your online recommendations
Better suggestions with personalization

We all know that personalization is important in ecommerce. So important that the topic of personalization is high on the agenda at every ecommerce event, through out Europe.

Personalization done well is only possible by using data. Your ecommerce team knows best how to use your data. The chronic shortage of developers is also a good reason to transfer control over data to the ecommerce team.

In this short video, the marketing team of Isero, by name of Leonie Jansen, explains how they have taken control. The Isero ecommerce team has developed their own cross-sell and up-sell strategies using their own data. The result was a very positive impact on turnover and a possitive involvement of colleagues with the website. The latter because the ecommerce team was able to combine the product knowledge of colleagues with data using SPARQUE technology.

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