A top sales person INSIDE your webshop?

A top seller in your webshop?
How medpets.fr is improving the customer experience through hyper personalization

Isn't it wonderful that when customers come into your store and they are helped by an advisor who knows them personally. Who knows what they bought before. Understands what they need. Knows what they can afford. And also comes with good advice that leads to extra sales. And last but not least, ensures that the customer comes back because of the personal treatment!

In this world we speak of a top sales person and unfortunately they are scarce. Also as a webshop owner it would be nice if you could also match this approach online. How nice would it be if you also have such a top sales person in your webshop?

To realize that, we need to look at the difference between this top sales person and an average sales person. The answer lies in the information (data) that the top sales person has and uses.

Example: When a top seller looks in the visitor's shopping cart and sees 50kg of dog food, he assumes that the visitor has a dog and that the dog is large. When the visitor continue searching for something, the top salees person will lead him to products for large dogs. Logical right?

Medpets already uses SPARQUE for personalized search and recommendations with very good results. Now they have taken the contents of the shopping cart  to further improve follow-up search results.

We presented this case together with Intershop and Datasolutions at the Paris Retail Week. After the presentation we received very nice reactions and discussed typical French examples:
- Red wine in the shopping cart leads to a recommendation of certain French cheese matching with the wine.
- A dress from the latest collection leads to matching clothes in the same size and accessories belonging to the same collection.

Do you want to know whether you can create a top sales person for your webshop with your data? Feel free to contact us or download our brochure.


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