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About Medpets

Medpets has the largest online assortment for pets’ health products, knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff and provides advice via in-house veterinarians. Customers keep up-to-date on information, useful tips and promotions via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Fast search results through perfect onsite search configuration

How SPARQUE.AI helped Medpets

Medpets is quietly rolling out a completely new e-commerce platform. Fully developed in-house, headless, based on Magento 2, with SPARQUE.AI as the central commerce engine. Medpets has configured the on-site search to quickly help customers with keywords, products and content. The online store has full control over the way typeahead returns relevant keywords. Often used keywords and displaying multiword queries like Google return more precise search results without the need for typing out search terms or filtering. Personalized search results turn the search bar into the fastest and most convenient way for customers to find the products they need.

Perfect search and recommendations at Medpets

Joris Torbijn, customer experience and loyalty at Medpets

“Search and recommendations are really challenging when you want to get it 100% right. We want our product expertise to shine through every time we and our website interact with customers. SPARQUE.AI provides us with solutions for every challenge we encounter”.

Cases Medpets

Use cases driven by SPARQUE.AI

little Cat
Treatment of a cat with medication

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