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About Raab Karcher

Raab Karcher is a wholesaler of construction materials who is making the jobs of their customers easier by providing online services. A good online store is therefore indispensable. SPARQUE.AI makes sure that construction companies have everything they need for a specific job, prompting them with personalized product recommendations. Missing materials and parts is a thing of the past!

Product data is used to recognise and recommend complementary products

How SPARQUE.AI helped Raab Karcher

Raab Karcher is part of Saint-Gobain and a pioneer in digital services, for whom SPARQUE.AI provides personalized products recommendations. Due to the SPARQUE.AI technology, the customer gets a higher return on the investment they  put in product information. Product data is used to recognize and recommend complementary products. Also, alternative products that can be shipped immediately are helpful for their customers.

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Ron Kessels, Director
E-Business Saint-Gobain Distribution Benelux

“We were very impressed by the flexibility of the SPARQUE.AI solutions. The way we now have personaliszed product recommendations configured, is exactly what our customers need.”

Cases Raab Karcher

Use cases driven by SPARQUE.AI

Transporter with crane from Raab Karcher

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