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News letters, campaigns, promotions. Bouwmaat communicates plenty via email. Predicting one-one-one what is the most relevant content to show each recipient, helps Bouwmaat to get higher engagement. The email marketer no longer has to decide which promotions to show, it can derived from data for each recipient. New product introductions, brands to highlight? Personalising email content raises each customer’s interest “Bouwmaat gets me”.

Higher engagement, open and click through rates

Bouwmaat creates, queues and sends email using the ingenious Ternair marketing automation tool. Personalisation is done via SPARQUE. The various blocks in an email template can call different SPARQUE APIs in order to display the most relevant campaigns, promotions or blogs. Each recipient literally receives a different email unique and personalised content. Take individual behaviour and preferences into account and your email will engage more.

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature connects preferences derived from order data with web visits. This way, Bouwmaat uses both what is known and what is current. The logic needs to be flawless for Bouwmaat customers. Are you running a campaign with electrical tools? You shouldn’t put promotions in the email of equipment someone recently purchased. It’s better to display other equipment of the same brand. Products that have been viewed but not purchased? If that category has a nice promotion, it will show up in the email. One-to-one email every time? Done.

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