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Warmteservice is an omnichannel B2B wholesaler for heating, plumbing and installation materials. A family business of craftsmen for craftsmen. Relevant recommendations by SPARQUE ensure that customers don’t forget to order materials or parts needed for a job. Recommendations on the product page and on the cart page are quite common. But in addition, if needed, Warmteservice sends an email at the end of business hours, as a reminder. That’s “perfectly arranged”.

Forgot an item? Order until 23:00, delivered next day

Each day SPARQUE calculates out of all orders of all customers if someone has forgotten to order necessary parts or materials. For the recommendations in the end-of-business-day email all orders of each customer that day have been screened. After all, it is possible that the customer had already included the item in a subsequent order. Only when recommended products are absent in subsequent orders, the email is sent. Customer can supplement orders until 23:00.

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? Using SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature, Warmteservice configured the most logical algorithm for their use case. SPARQUE predicts from order data which products are the best cross sell candidates. The accuracy based on multiple items is quite high. Products that have already been ordered that day, are eliminated and a minimum confidence level has to be met, before a recommendation is placed in the email. You may want to consider using SPARQUE and get your one-to-one email working flawlessly.

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