For whom

Medpets’ customers don’t have pets but additional family members. Taking good care of them is important and Medpets have their own veterinarians to dispense expert advice. Finding the right products on the site has also been cared for expertly. Medpets makes relevant recommendations that fit your shopping trip. The product detail page proposes alternatives as well as products other people frequently buy. Key part of the recommendations of course is what kind of animal the additional family member is.

Satisfied customers and higher order values

High quality recommendations are inconspicuous. That is the magic of personalisation. When not done well however, it causes irritation. Measuring conversion on the recommendations and comparing the rate of returning visitors (using recommendations vs. not using recommendations) will give a good indication of the quality of your recommendations. Medpets recommendations have a high conversion rate and customers that use the recommendations return significantly more often than customers that don’t.

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? Medpets e-commerce team created a fitting logic for recommendations using SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature. Order data contain a lot of information about what kind of pets a customer has. Additionally, weight is added to repeat purchases and preferred brands. Relevant recommendations? Done.

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