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Displaying accessories together with products is quite a challenge. Raab Karcher carries a very deep assortment in construction materials and it is just not feasible to manually record all accessories for every product. SPARQUE highlights in the personalised recommendations what products are frequently sold together. Customers can add complementary products directly to the cart.

Frequently bought together, but better

‘Frequently bought together’ is a familiar foundation for cross sell recommendations. These recommendations increase order values because customers add more items to the order. The more relevant the recommendations are, the higher the increase in average order value. Of course, recommendations need to take individual preferences of customers into account to be truly relevant; construction professionals have strong preferences and want to work with familiar applications, materials and brands.

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? SPARQUE unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature combines order data with product data. Besides ‘frequently bought together’, similarities in brand and model provides a lot of information about how well products go together. Products from the same design line match better than products from different lines. Also, products from categories that collocated in the same branch of the category tree have a better fit. SPARQUE algorithms are driven by data and designed by e-commerce professionals.¬†Relevant recommendations? Done.

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