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CoolSafety sets itself apart from competitors by its standard of advice and service for personal protective equipment. Proprietary content is added to product detail pages showing important information such as ‘plusses and minuses’  and stock information. All that is left is that customers can find the products they like to evaluate.

Strong suggestions en relevant results

How can you help your customer to get to the products he needs fastest? Using an intelligent search function that learns from what other visitors do. The type-ahead suggests keywords, products and content that not only fit the keyword, but are most helpful. The search results take into account aspects that are important to the customer, among which delivery time.

Imagine. Done. 

How does it work? CoolSafety can predict what is relevant to each visitor using data and SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature. CoolSafety activates and manages her own algorithms in SPARQUE. Popular keywords, frequently sold products and best matching content is boosted to make products and information more findable. The improved search has increased conversion rate by almost 50%, you can read more in this blog.

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