For whom

Medpets have one or more pets, that much is certain. But what kinds of animals? Pharmaceuticals may be quite specifically targeted for some animals and should not be administered to others. Medpets personalises its search results for the animal you keep so that the right products for your animal are ranked on top.

Repeat purchases, familiar items and brand on top

How can you help your customer quickly to the products he needs? Next to kind of animal, personalisation for Medpets entails prior purchases and brand preferences. This logic is fitting because customers often repeat purchases. Also, the keyword suggestions are designed to support as much as possible. As the kind of animal you keep is quite important, the animal is added to the suggestions. When you type ‘happy’, the type ahead suggests ‘happy dog’ and ‘happy cat’ to allow more precise search results.

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? Medpets configured their own algorithms using SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm. The algorithm derives what kind of animal you keep from¬†products purchased before and from the pages viewed in the current session. And when a customer buys products for both cats and dogs, he probably keeps both cats and dogs. It is important one can explain in simple and logical terms what’s in an algorithm. Personalised search? Done.

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