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SPARQUE converts your webshop into your best trained sales person. Your customers will have the most relevant content shown at every interaction. Search results, content or promotions are personalized for every visitor automatically and in real-time. Just like your best trained sales people would do it.


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Our unique build-your-own-algorithm feature allows you to design your own algorithms in SPARQUE. You decide how your data actively generate the best recommendations, search results and other interactions between visitor and webshop. Of course, each interaction in turn generates new data to continuously improve results.


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Fully personalized onsite search

“Where are the jeans?” A good sales person does not start pointing but first observes who the customer is. How is he dressed, what has he looked at, what is already in the basket? With SPARQUE your onsite search can respond as intelligent as your best sales people. By using data about what a customer has bought before or what he has viewed in the current session, you can display the jeans your customer will like best. Read more about how our customers have smartened their onsite search.


Relevant recommendations that convert

Many webshop display recommendations. But these highlighted products will only convert when they really fit in the customer journey. Otherwise they just take space, needlessly distract or worse, annoy a visitor. SPARQUE combines historical data with data from the current session to predict what, at any point in the customer journey, is relevant to the visitor. Read more about how our customers make their  relevant recommendations convert.


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