Communication is more than conveying

Effective communication needs a sender and a receiver. At some point Internet, with its ability to quickly create and pass on content, would lead to 1-to-1 communication. With messages tailored to small groups that are receptive to or even actively looking for specific information. In practice though, more content has mainly led to more broadcasting to everyone. That is regrettable, as it leads to ‘waste’. Emails are not viewed, these days typical open and click-through rates are well below 10% and 5% respectively. Valuable content that you tirelessly worked on, ends up on the shelve after one emailing as it had been sent to everyone already.

Engagement wears the pants

When you personalise email content, content can be very well used more often. You just need to know if someone has visited that content page or not. Related content may be relevant in that case whereas viewed content is not. The data you need is already in the Google Analytics sessions. It also contains data about which product- of category pages a visitor has been on. You can use that data to select the most relevante products out of a set of promotions and display them in an email. With data already available, content already produced, the only challenge left is to ensure each recipient gets the right content and products in the email.

Always one-to-one email using SPARQUE

Of course, you could create email and audiences manually. Every email service provider has the basic functions to make selections. But you can also make use of SPARQUE. Our build-your-own-algorithm feature allows you to create one news letter for which SPARQUE places the right content or products for each recipient. One use case for example is to display a promotion from the product category a recipient has viewed a product in the past week but not purchased. Regardless if it’s products or content you like to highlight, SPARQUE selects what is most relevant for effective one-to-one communication.

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