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About Polvo

Polvo is one of the largest hardware wholesalers in the Nederlands. But Polvo sells more than hardware, much more. SPARQUE.AI uses relevant promotions in e-mails to draw the attention of customers to sometimes unknown but highly relevant product categories.

Polvo is the specialist for tools, hardware, PPE and ironmongery

Filling in ‘white spots’

How relevant are we as a supplier to this customer? Every B2B wholesaler understands the importance to be the preferred supplier. One indication thereof is to look at the product categories a customer purchases from, in context to their overall needs. The categories that are not bought from are the so-called ‘white spots’. Polvo subtly draws attention to those by selecting promotions from these categories and sending them via e-mail - fully personalized and data-driven. An example: "Yes, we also supply protective garments and as it happens we even have items in promotion at the moment!"

SPARQUE.AI’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? Polvo chose SPARQUE.AI for its unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature. Using this, Polvo can calculate demand patterns of customers, and, based on related customers, define the white spots. Since there are new promotions each month, Polvo sends customers an e-mail about these if they fall in those categories. Of course, 100% data-driven. Are you ready to transform your standard e-mail marketing to one-to-one communication? Done.

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