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About Warmteservice

Warmteservice is an omnichannel B2B wholesale distributor of heating, plumbing and installation materials. A family business of craftsmen for craftsmen. SPARQUE.AI uses personalized recommendations to make sure customers don't forget any materials needed for the job.

Recommendations are displayed on the product page and in the shopping cart. But Warmteservice also sends a reminder e-mail at the end of the day if necessary, turning their personalization into an omnichannel service.

the right recommendation engine to guide our customers on their journey.

Forgot something? Ordered until 23:00, delivered next day

Every day, SPARQUE.AI predicts from all orders of each customer whether anyone is missing important materials or parts. If there is a plausible case, an e-mail reminder is sent that allows to complete the order in time to still manage next-day-delivery.

For this kind of recommendations, all orders of that customer on that day are screened in the evening. In a typical use case, a spare part or consumable is ordered in the morning, but the repair also requires a specific tool. A customer may have already ordered that one in a second order later that day. Only when recommended products are not present in a subsequent order, an e-mail completing the set is sent at the end of the business day, so that customers can wrap up their order until 23:00.

unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature combines order data with product data

Imagine? Done.

How does it work? With the unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature, Warmteservice can determine what logic is right for their customers. A generic newsletter with offers will have a low conversion rate. This is why the products in a 'haven't you forgotten anything?' e-mail must have a high conversion probability before it is sent. Otherwise, you only teach the customer to ignore your e-mails. SPARQUE.AI is indispensable to get every e-mail right - one by one.

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