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“We always offer customers the right sizes, preferred brands and complementary items”. In a huge assortment, the visitor needs to see immediately they have navigated to the correct product category without having to scroll. Recognition comes when they  immediately see familiar products, preferred brands and products in the right size. STARXX has personalized the order of products on listing pages to ensure every visitor can recognize they are in the right place.

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Do products convert better because they are placed on top or do you place better converting products on top? Either way, you want to make sure those lucrative places on top of the list display the most relevant products. The same is true when you have product variants.

You can display only one variant, typically the default one. But what if the size or color of an item does not fit your customer’s preference? Starxx displays the variant that is the best fit to each customer, in this case based on size. The customer can already see in the search result list which products has the right size - and instantly convert.

unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature combines order data with product data

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? SPARQUE.AI’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature predicts from order data and recent visits what preferences a visitor has. Supplemented with popularity and stock information, SPARQUE.AI positions the most relevant products on top of the search results and the most promising variant in a detail page. Persuasive merchandizing? Done.

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