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A visitor expects relevant results when he uses the search bar. A good search functionality is indispensable for a webshop to help visitors find products. But configuring a search engine takes a lot of – continuous – effort. Furthermore, which results are seen as ‘logical’ differ from visitor to visitor. Ken expects to see the 1,5l Pepsi bottles when he types “cola”, while Ron prefers to get the diet Coke bottles without the hassle of having to type the additional keyword “diet”.

We need smarter search engines

Search engines often fall short of customers’ expectations. In the core, search engines find products based on similarity in words, e,g. between the search term and product name. It’s like when a sales person in a store only responds to your question “where are the jeans?” and does not look at how you are dressed, your previous purchases or what items you already have in your basket. Your search engine will look more like a well trained store assistant when such information is taken into account. That way, every vistor will get search results that make sense. How are you going to do that?

Search according to your logic with SPARQUE personalized search

You could of course develop that logic yourself. But you can also use SPARQUE. Our build-your-own-algorithm feature ensures you get the logic of your webshop represented in your search bar. Repeat purchase business, like for construction materials, fast moving consumer goods and pet stores, can place items bought before and brands bought more often higher in the result set. When you sell smartphones or laptops though, repeat purchases are not very likely. For someone who has bought an iphone 12 last week you may want to present accessories higher for the search term ‘iphone 12’. For fashion the logic again is different. But whatever the logic needs to be: SPARQUE gets your personalised search results exactly right.

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