Is the first impression correct?

The best way to engage your visitor is to place the right products on top on every lister and landing page. Relevant, inspiring, familiar, your visitor responds to his first impressions to stay on the page or to decide ‘no, I should look somewhere else’. You want to make sure you display the products that are most persuasive. When you attract visitors with promotions, you like to display some promotions first. When reviews are important, you want to place the products with the best and most reviews up front. When people come for new collections, treasure hunting or gadgets, you want to display these up front. Sometimes you also want to place items – temporarily- lower. When an item is out-of-stock or has a long delivery time or when are out-of-season. Furthermore, what is relevant differs from person to person. Customers who buy certain brands, sizes or colours, respond favourably when those products are displayed up front.

Your data, your logic

In short, you want to apply your logic to the way products are ranked for every customer and each lister page. Additionally, your logic should be applied automatically with only the need to manually manage a handful of exceptions. And the logic has to be self learning, such that out-of-season can be determined via order data. And why should that not be possible? You already have a tonne of data to work with: Google Analytics, orders, product data, etc.. So how do you mobilise your data to generate engaging lister en landing pages for every visitor?

Be persuasive using SPARQUE

You could of course develop that logic yourself. But you can also use SPARQUE. Our build-your-own-algorithm feature ensures you get your logic of your webshop represented on your lister pages. Repeat purchase business, like for construction materials, fast moving consumer goods and pet stores, can place items bought before and brands bought more often higher in list. When inspiration and popularity matter, like in fashion, you display new collections and populair items on top. When you sell items which people have not bought before or know little about, such as health or care products, make use of reviews. Whatever your logic is, persuasive merchandising by SPARQUE will place your most relevant items up front for every customer.

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