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Recommendations play an important role in showing the right products to the right customer at the right time. High quality product recommendations get your webshop higher conversion rates and higher order values. To meet those objectives though, merely displaying recommendations is insufficient. The recommendations have to have meaning for the customer in that phase of his customer journey.  ‘Other people also bought’, ‘Others also liked’, ‘Especially for you’, there are plenty of catchy titles to accompany recommendations. Unfortunately, titles and algorithms don’t always align and sometimes it’s downright unlikely that people buy certain items together. But even when titles do cover the algorithms applied, the recommendations may be a useless or even harmful distraction rather than the nudge to convert the customer on this journey.

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The ‘others also viewed’ recommendations show alternatives for the product someone is looking at on the detail page. You should of course only do that when those products have a better likelihood to convert. That could be the case when an alternative is on promotion, has better reviews, is more populair or can be delivered sooner. Or, when you personalise recommendations, the alternatives align with that customer’s preferences for brand, package size, size, colour, etc.

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The ‘frequently bought together’ recommendations show complementary products. Here too you don’t want the recommendations to distract. To that end, you could display recommendations on the cart page or as a pop-up when someone adds a product to the cart. Of course you can still display ‘frequently bought together’ on the product detail page. But those products should be ones customers will ready put in their cart without much consideration. Items bought before or relatively affordable items work very well.

Getting the algorithm right is also important. Recommendations that complement multiple items that are already in the cart convert better than recommendations that complement just one product. Algorithms that make use of personalisation, personal combinations, previously purchased items and items that overlap with known preferences of a customer also convert better.

Relevant recommendations by SPARQUE

You could of course develop that logic yourself. But you can also use SPARQUE. Our build-your-own-algorithm feature ensures you get the logic of your webshop represented in your product recommendations. You’ll find multiple tools in your toolbox such as ‘other people also viewed’, ‘frequently bought together’, ‘especially for you’ or recommendations that help your customer reach the order value needed for free shipping.

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