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personalized search results provide the most relevant products on top and reduces the need to scroll or filter

About Bouwmaat

On-site search is very important to Bouwmaat and their customers. Being able to find a product is a prerequisite for ordering it. But the website also has an important role as online catalog. Construction professionals are often on the job and use the app or the mobile website. Personalized search results provide the most relevant products on top and reduces the need to scroll or filter. Their motto is: “Bouwmaat gets me”.

Bouwmaat presents familiar materials and brands first to shorten the search

Favorite items, materials and brands on top

High quality on-site search is a the result of incorporating customer behavior in the search algorithm. This way, search results appear in the order that customers expect. Construction professionals like to work with materials they are familiar with. Therefore Bouwmaat presents familiar materials and brands on top to shorten the search. Customers feel better understood, which contributes to a better customer experience.

benefits of persuasive merchandizing with SPARQUE.AI technology

Dynamic filters – no more manual configuration

Bouwmaat use dynamic filters for search and navigation. Dynamic filters display only categories that are used in search results.

This is handled via properties on products. When enough products in a result set share a specific property, this property can be used as a filter. When 50 of 100  products in a result set share a unique property, and the relevance limit is 50%, then this property becomes a dynamic filter option.

E.g., when you search for ‘drill’ you will get drills and a few drilling machines. As long as 50% of the products have a ‘diameter’, this property will be shown with all options present (3mm, 4mm, etc.) as a filter.

unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature combines order data with product data

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? SPARQUE.AI's unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature ensures your search always reflects your logic in your online store. The order data tells you about prior purchases and brand preferences. These preferences are applied to the product categories a customer bought from, as well as related categories.

Dynamic filters, too, are the result of a made-to-fit algorithm. Whether you prefer to put more emphasis on general and most-used filters or you generate filters dynamically from a set of properties - that's totally up to you!

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