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A completely new Intershop platform live and integrated with SPARQUE’s AI functionalities? Our partner, De Nieuwe Zaak, has developed the OFE (One Front End) PWA solution to achieve this within two sprints. SPARQUE.AI converts your Intershop platform into your best-trained sales person. SPARQUE.AI combines AI with your knowledge about customers and their behavior and gives each visitor completely personalized search results, conversion inducing lists and personalized recommendations.

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Imagine. Done.

Front-end functions look more similar every day and increase the importance of intelligent responses on your platform. How do you make sure you can display for every individual visitor the products that are most likely to convert? How do you determine brand preferences, should you display repeat purchases more prominently or new products? The foundation is always formed by data, but every webshop has to interpret data differently. With SPARQUE’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature, these algorithms fit the logic and customer behaviour of each webshop precisely. You will have full control, not a black box which results in a better customer experience. This experience percolates through in higher conversion rates, order values, and share of returning customers.

your customers' journey on ms shippers online store

Continuous improvement,

Key in ecommerce is time-to-market. Innovate, test and let the data drive the process. Together with SPARQUE and De Nieuwe Zaak you will move quickly from your initial Intershop implementation to a continuous practice of testing better algorithms and more effective customer interactions. The means you don’t just onboard at a high level, but you keep yourself firmly on a rising trajectory. Imagine all the things you could do with a faster time-to-market?

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