How can you benefit from solutions by SPARQUE.AI?
  • Our innovative search engine enables you to personalize product lists, search results, website navigation, and content for every visitor automatically and in real-time.
  • With personalized recommendations, you can make sure your customers get everything they need in one order.
  • Boost your up- and cross-sell activities with persuasive merchandizing that puts your visitor's preferred brands, materials etc on top of every product list.
  • Redefine newsletters with One-to-one e-mails that include products and promotions tailored to the preferences with a high probability to convert.

Website visitors that use the on-site search come with a clear buying intent. When you take into account their browsing history and other data, such as previous orders, you can easily personalize the presented assortments based on their preferences.

  • boost your revenue by 29%
  • shorten the user journey
  • strengthen the customer relationship

Boost revenue by 29% with personalized search, shortening user journey and strengthening customer relationships!

In every steps of a user journey, website content can be personalized: Product lists, navigation, on product detail pages, in the shopping cart or even the check-out stage.

Use artificial intelligence to predict items to display and benefit from:

  • increased conversion of 20%
  • increased average order value of 10%
  • fewer returns

personalized recommendations: customize website content at every step of the user journey, from product lists to checkout, with

The sum is more than just adding parts - this is also true in website personalization. You have best sellers, items (not) in stock, perishables or just launched a new collection - but you also have preferences of your website visitors. Find the ideal match of those and benefit from:

  • a faster ROI of your tech stack
  • high customer satisfaction
  • less returns

persuasive merchandizing: optimize website personalization by matching best sellers

Leverage all your data for cross-channel personalization! Use what you know about your customers about their order, page views or abandoned carts for surgical retargeting via e-mail.

  • more meaningful interaction
  • don't send promotions of articles that are already purchased
  • reduce the number of abandoned carts

one-to-one e-mail: Harness your customer data for precise cross-channel personalization, targeting email campaigns based on order history, page views, and abandoned carts with