Engage directly with your website visitors

Your customers trusted you once, and with the data you have about their order, page views or abandoned carts, you can surgically retarget them via e-mail.


Send only e-mails that convert

You already personalize your website's content for your visitors and customers, so why stop there?

Use the information you have and create e-mail campaigns that are adding real value for your customers: Combine the data of browsing and order history in targeted promotions or special deals, send related articles or videos or educate your customers with new contextual trends and inspirations.

Boowmaat: promotions with personalized content

What makes one-to-one e-mail with SPARQUE.AI special?

By using the SPARQUE.AI "Build-your-own-algorithm" tool, you can create newsletters for which the right content (products, videos, manuals, accessories, consumables - you name it) is selected automatically with AI.

This way, you (automatically) engage with your customers on a trustful and personal way.

highly personalized and persuasive product listings in onlineshop based on AI
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