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We love technology. And we share our customers’ drive for results. SPARQUE.AI helps customers to convert their online store into their best-trained sales person, improving the average order value by 10% and conversion by 20%.

The SPARQUE.AI solution convinces especially in terms of speed and scalability. The AI-supported algorithms are ready for use in a few days and are fed from a variety of data sources such as ERP, e-commerce, PIM, but also the browsing history, the end device used or real-time data such as the weather. The online store can be a headless implementation or the frontend of a legacy e-commerce platform. SPARQUE.AI communicates seamlessly with various platforms via an API-first approach.

SPARQUE.AI is an intelligent and versatile way to transform data into interaction with customers across various channels. The technology originates from the Dutch national research institute for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) and leverages rule-based Artificial Intelligence to connect all available information and use it in the frontend.

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api first
API first

Headless implementation or continuing on your existing stack or suite? SPARQUE.AI can be deployed either way. We can connect in various ways with data sources. Our REST APIs are accessible to any frontend.


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”. It will never become quite simple, but SPARQUE.AI gives you the possibility to make the best possible use of your data. Build-your-own-algorithm to combine methods for search results that convert.

Flexible data model

SPARQUE.AI connects Customer Data Platform (CDP) data using modern graph models. Structured, unstructured, first party or open data, anything goes. We connect the valuable information and relations from your data sources for a seamless, omnichannel interaction with your customers.


Relevance is great but loading time is key for online stores. Personalized product recommendations within 200 milliseconds? Calculated over 100.000+ items, tens of millions order lines en hundreds of thousand of customers? It’s what we do.

spinque technology
Spinque technology

SPARQUE.AI is built on Spinque technology and operates on the cutting edge of search and database technology. Spinque is renowned for being an advanced and robust platform for  information retrieval specialists.


SPARQUE.AI is offered as a cloud service with all associated advantages. You have the most up-to-date technology at your fingertips without any need to concern yourself with infrastructure and maintenance.

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