• The basic building blocks and how to build your own strategies.
  • To understand the knowledge graph and use that for your strategies.
  • You will learn to create API templates.
  • Connect the API Endpoint to the strategies.
  • Test the Endpoint within SPARQUE.
  • Test the Endpoint in any browser.
Course details:

Participants: min 4, max 15.
Every month a new training cycle starts.

The course is aimed at learning how to work with SPARQUE DESK.
SPARQUE DESK consists of 4 parts:

1) Datasets (how to get data of various formats connected to SPARQUE DESK)
2) Strategies (how to build your own strategy based on the data you have provided)
3) API Endpoints (how to create your own API’s in order to communicate with SPARQUE DESK)
4) API Result Description (how to get all the necessary data out of SPARQUE DESK)

This course will focus on 2 and 3. Datasets and API Result Descriptions will be covered by a different training.

In this training, you will analyze the data graphs (knowledge graph) that connect all the data sources (orders, categories, and product feeds) used in the training. You will create your own API and various endpoints within it. You will create various strategies for different purposes, such as basic search and recommendation. To do this, you will use the building block canvas editor (no code needed). Then you will connect your endpoints to the various strategies.

You will be instructed by a series of video exercises that start with a task you need to perform. Once done, you can continue with the video exercise and see for yourself if what you have created is correct.


  • Some passion for data


  • 3 face to face sessions, one of 30 min, 2 sessions of 2 hours
  • 12 video exercises (takes around 3 hours) before the second session
  • 2 video exercises (takes 1 hour) after the second session.


  • 60%


  • Marketeers with affinity for data
  • Business-Manager
  • Business owners
  • Back end / Front end developers
  • IT managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Technical consultants



  • Slack Channel for group communication
  • MS Teams

How to subscribe for this training:

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