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Is your on-site search killing your conversion rate?
If website visitors use the on-site search, they already know exactly what they want and have a clear buying intent. If they then find the right product on top of the list, the conversion is almost certain. If not, they leave and look for it elsewhere.

The good news is - improving the on-site search has never been easier.
Put a brain into your search engine

Modern customer portals with order histories and SKU uploads can support customers to order the right item quickly, but rely on the user to know how to handle the system - a known issue for UX design. Better rely on a state-of-the-art on-site search that automatically takes all available background information into consideration for you.

The benefits of personalized search are:

  • Optimized conversion - display perfectly matching products, services and accessory on every device.
  • Higher Share of Wallet - increase the number and margin of sold items by up- and cross-selling.
  • Faster ROI - decrease your churn rate by matching your audience with the right products.
  • Use ALL your data - predict relevancy through AI, based on every piece of information you have about your customer.

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What makes personalized search with SPARQUE.AI special?

SPARQUE.AI enables tech-savvy business users to tweak and optimize search results on their own- by combining data sources and their relations in a drag and drop interface.

This intuitive "build-your-own-algorithm" feature displays search results in real time, so that every change can be tested and optimized instantly.

The benefits of personalized search with SPARQUE.AI technology are:

  • You can define your very own search algorithm - no black box.
  • You can add unlimited sources of data.
  • You can decide which products are listed first.
  • You don't need extra databases, licenses, hardware or tools.

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Personalized search makes customers happy! Here's proof:

Revolutionize your search, recommendations and product discovery with SPARQUE.AI



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