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Consumer-facing platforms like Netflix and Amazon have mastered the recommendations game, and set a high standard for all industries and all sectors: If users don't find what they need within a minute, they will most likely drop out. By the way, 80% of their revenue comes from relevant recommendations!
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Since the beginning of e-commerce, vendors have created associations between their products and other items like additional products, content, accessories or services for cross- and upselling activities.

Today, users expect personalized recommendations on product pages, home pages, within the shopping cart, on category pages - basically throughout the entire website.

The key is to not overwhelm or disrupt the user journey. Each item needs to have a high probability to convert - by being cheaper, faster to deliver, having higher ratings or just matching the user's preferences better in terms of brand, packaging, size, color and more.

The benefits of personalized recommendations are:

  • Accelerated sales processes - your visitors find what they need faster.
  • Higher average order value - users add more items to their cart than they initially planned to.
  • Improved conversion rates - by creating highly relevant user journeys.
  • Increase revenues thanks to boosted up- and cross-selling.

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Personalized recommen­dations by SPARQUE.AI

The times of high-maintenance, hard-coded item relations are finally over. Modern e-commerce websites use (self-learning) dynamic algorithms to create personalized recommendations that complement for example multiple items in the cart rather than just one product. Algorithms by SPARQUE.AI make use of all sorts of data, creating not only unique user journeys for every single website visitor, but also personal bundles based on previously purchased items and items that overlap with known preferences of a customer.

The benefits of personalized recommendations with SPARQUE.AI are:

  • You can create the logic yourself via the "Build-your-own-algorithm" toolbox.
  • You can take unlimited sources of data into account.
  • Options like ‘other people also viewed’, ‘frequently bought together’, ‘especially for you’ or recommendations that help your customer reach the order value needed for free shipping are already prepared.

create the logic yourself via the build-your-own-algorithm toolbox
Personalized recommendations make customers happy. Here's proof:

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