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About MS Schippers

MS Schippers is an international wholesaler who supplies everything needed for keeping livestock. Schippers strives to be the European market leader and envisions reduction to “Zero Antibiotics”. Stable hygiene is of the utmost importance for farmers, so Schippers proactively meets those needs. Ranging from relevant product recommendations that predicts needs based on seasons to suggesting the correct quantities to order. The more complete an order, the fewer a farmer needs to exit and enter the stables.

Elevate customer satisfaction and order values at MS Schippers online shop with high-quality recommendations from SPARQUE.AI!

How SPARQUE.AI helped MS Schippers

Relevant product recommendations are often added to the cart by customers. This is why MS Schippers ensures that their key target groups make good use of these product recommendations. They do that by increasing the relevancy and shortening their customers’ journeys. This way, MS Schippers achieves both a better user experience and higher order values.


Discover how SPARQUE.AI empowered MS Schippers with relevant product recommendations, improving user experience and driving higher order values!

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Higher customer satisfaction and 10% higher order values

High quality recommendations are very helpful to customers, since they make ordering so much easier. B2B customers are expert users and know products very well and can judge in an instant if the recommendations are any good. When they are not, it causes annoyance. When they are however, recommendations convert very well. For customers, such a guided experience is the most convenient way to complete an order. For MS Schippers, it is a pathway to higher conversion rates, higher order values and a higher share-of-wallet.

Elevate customer satisfaction and order values at MS Schippers online shop with high-quality recommendations from SPARQUE.AI!

Imagine. Done.

How does it work? SPARQUE.AI’s unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature ensures the MS Schippers e-commerce team can get recommendations exactly right. Order data is used to offer recommendations that fit the customers’ order history, that are cross-sold to other customers in the same customer segment and since seasons are important in agriculture, that fit the needs of the current growing season.

unique Build-your-own-algorithm feature
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SPARQUE helps us to turn customer data into immediate, effective and versatile support for our customers. It fuels the passion we feel to give our customers the best experience possible

Peter Klinkhamer, Product Owner digitale Entwicklung MS Schippers

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