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Polvo is the specialist for tools, hardware, PPE and ironmongery

About Polvo

Polvo is a specialist supplier of tools, hardware and personal protective equipment. Polvo provides customers with project support and offers a very extensive assortment with over 40.000 products kept in stock. This necessitates the best possible on-site search, navigation and recommendations to ensure the right products are displayed.

Polvo one-stop-shop has benefits to the customer

How SPARQUE.AI helped Polvo

While having a huge selection to choose from is great, creating relevancy can be a real struggle. But it is key to entice B2B customers to order from new product categories.

A one-stop-shop has benefits to the customer in terms of logistical and administrative processes, while Polvo can keep growing as a large supplier. To boost revenue, Polvo regularly sends out personalized e-mails about product categories customers are not yet sourcing from, although they would be a great fit for their needs.

Polvo onlineshop

Frank Schumacher, Marketing &
E-Commerce Manager Polvo

“Polvo has a lot of customer order data. They help us to design personalized promotions in a way that benefits both customers and ourselves.”

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Polvo personal protective equipment

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