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About Wiltec

Wiltec is a Brabant family business with solutions for surface, air and application technology, workwear, personal protective equipment and office supplies. They support everyone to be energetic, sustainable, safe, and smart at work and back home. Every day.

online store view: solutions for surface, air, and application technology, along with workwear and personal protective equipment

How SPARQUE.AI helped Wiltec

Wiltec provides a wide range of solutions and articles targeted towards B2B customers: as customer-specific assortments and customer-specific net prices. Thanks to SPARQUE.AI, for each visitor, the right item is resented on the website, seamlessly and quickly. Search results, product lists or recommendations never contain products that the customer cannot order. With SPARQUE.AI, every end customer has their own virtual online store with, of course, a single source of truth: their own ERP.

product overview in Wiltec online store
Quotation mark

"The combination of Intershop and SPARQUE.AI has developed into a very nice online store with full B2B functionalities and ease of use as users know it from B2C."."

Kevin Reijnders, Leiter E-Commerce bei Wiltec

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