AI-powered personalization
in B2B

Next-generation AI tools are opening up new, easier ways for B2B companies
to serve their customers in a personalized way—one-to-one, at scale,
across channels, and on demand. This whitepaper explains
why there is no reason to hold back.

Gamechanger AI-powered personalization

Personalization using AI not only enables customers to have a smooth, pleasant & fast ordering experience, but also benefits your business. Personalization can help you achieve positive results at every stage of the customer’s journey.

The increasing use of AI in B2B e-commerce is more than just a trend: it is essential to unlock the potential of personalized e-commerce in the B2B sector.

Personalization in B2B

Business customers have increasingly higher demands in the online shopping experience in the B2B sector, which is why personalization is becoming so important. Manufacturer and wholesalers often have already built up a long-standing relationship with their customers and therefore have a lot of important data that can be used effectively for personalization.

The potential of AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, your online shop can react as competently and precisely as your qualified sales staff. AI is able to process and connect huge amounts of relevant data quickly, objectively and as needed to enable a personalized buyer journey.

You will learn:

  • Why is personalization essential for B2B e-commerce?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence help you create relevant customer journeys in B2B?
  • Quick and easy introduction to personalization – what do you need to do?
  • How does your business benefit from AI-powered personalization?

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