Use SPARQUE.AI software to create relevant experiences,
by personalizing product discovery and recommendations,
with algorithms you control!


Unleash Your E-commerce Potential with
the Ultimate Search and Recommendation Engine!

API first

Headless implementation or continuing on your existing stack or suite? SPARQUE.AI can be deployed either way. We can connect in various ways with data sources. Our REST APIs are accessible to any frontend.


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”. It will never become quite simple, but SPARQUE.AI gives you the possibility to make the best possible use of your data. Build-your-own-algorithm to combine methods for search results that convert.

Flexible data model

SPARQUE.AI connects Customer Data Platform (CDP) data using modern graph models. Structured, unstructured, first party or open data, anything goes. We connect the valuable information and relations from your data sources for a seamless, omnichannel interaction with your customers.


Relevance is great but loading time is key for online stores. Personalized product recommendations within 200 milliseconds? Calculated over 100.000+ items, tens of millions order lines en hundreds of thousand of customers? It’s what we do.

Spinque technology

SPARQUE.AI is built on Spinque technology and operates on the cutting edge of search and database technology. Spinque is renowned for being an advanced and robust platform for  information retrieval specialists.


SPARQUE.AI is offered as a cloud service with all associated advantages. You have the most up-to-date technology at your fingertips without any need to concern yourself with infrastructure and maintenance.

Redefine recommendations
by leveraging AI

Other customers also bought...

This and other typical recommendations features can make or break the user experience. If alternative products are likely to convert, your customer satisfaction increases as well as your margin. If not, they become a harmful distraction.

It's time to predict the perfect product recommendations! Quickly create, test and roll-out recommendations based on AI-powered algorithms that you can define yourself!

The graphical editor lets you design search solutions. You do so by combining building blocks that perform various operations on the knowledge graph: searching, filtering, ranking, transforming, matching, etc.

Your customers deserve the best user experience. What's stopping you from delivering it?

Enhance user experience with AI-powered product recommendations. Design, test, and deploy quickly with SPARQUE.AI!

Boost conversions: Is your site search hurting your sales?

Maximize Conversions with Smart Site Search!

Did you know? Visitors who use on-site search are nearly 1.8 times more likely to convert than those who navigate. But standard searches just match words with product names.

Revolutionize your on-site search! Tailor content to visitors' preferences, considering their cart, past orders, device, location, and more. Enjoy a 20% conversion surge and 10% higher order value, potentially boosting total revenue by up to 29%.

Revolutionize your on-site search with SPARQUE.AI

Elevated e-commerce: A.I. search recommendations

Transform your shop into your top-performing salesperson with SPARQUE.AI. Boost conversions by 20% as customers experience personalized content, real-time search results, and spot-on recommendations – just like your best salespeople would provide.

Transform your shop into your top-performing salesperson with SPARQUE.AI.
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Are you ready for AI?

Stop the guessing game and create ultimate data-driven user experiences with
AI-powered algorithms from SPARQUE.AI technology.


Are you ready

for AI?

Stop the guessing game and create ultimate data-driven user experiences with
AI-powered algorithms from SPARQUE.AI technology.


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Take all your data into account

Previously viewed items, order history, device used, location, but also PIM, CRM, BI-System or Order Management - your online store gathers a lot of information about your visitors.

With technology from SPARQUE.AI you can now take all those into account and merge them with your sales intuition - to increase not only your profit margin, but also the absolute number of sold products and services.

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AI-powered on-site search as Cloud-based SaaS solution

With an API-first approach, the SPARQUE.AI technology works with every platform and on every frontend. Intuitive drag-and-drop editors enable your tech-savvy business users to create, test and improve your on-site search without the need to involve software engineers. And the best thing is: Everything is up and running within a week!

Elevate customer satisfaction and order values at MS Schippers online shop with high-quality recommendations from SPARQUE.AI!
Revolutionize your search, recommendations and product discovery with SPARQUE.AI

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