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The first impression counts

For each website visitor, something else is important. Some just look for a certain brand, others rely on reviews, and many are guided by price or delivery time. Is your online store still a "one size fits all"?


Wooing your customers is not an art. It's science.

You already know a lot about your website visitor when they enter your store: Browsing history, device used, maybe previously ordered products and much more. Add your own data to the mix - product information, ratings, special prices, stock information, delivery time, up- and cross-sell potential  - and start to deliver perfectly curated product listings to your customers!

The benefits of persuasive merchandizing are:

  • Higher trust in you as a vendor because you offer highly relevant products.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with a high chance to develop them into brand ambassadors.
  • Reduced returns, because customers are presented less irrelevant articles.
  • Faster e-commerce ROI due to higher number of sold items and higher profit margins.

start to deliver perfectly curated product listings to your customers in Starxx onlineshop

What makes persuasive user journeys with SPARQUE.AI special?

To create highly personalized and persuasive product listings needs a lot of data, an innovative logic to bring it together and high performance technology to bring it to life.

SPARQUE.AI delivers all that. It allows you to determine the logic of your product listings yourself, supported by AI that, for example, adds seasonality of products automatically.

The benefits of persuasive merchandizing with SPARQUE.AI technology are:

  • You can tailor the website content to the exact need of your visitor.
  • You can put the most relevant product on top of your list.
  • You can realize changes faster by leveraging self-learning processes.
  • You can create the search logic yourself with an intuitive drag and drop editor.

highly personalized and persuasive product listings in onlineshop based on AI
Persuasive merchandizing makes customers happy! Here's proof:

Can we light a SPARQUE in you?