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Do you want to boost your online sales? SPARQUE’s search and recommendation engine predicts, based on unlimited sources of data, which products the website visitor needs, and displays them in custom-sorted lists and recommendations all over the website. Set up takes just a week! Reach out to us to find out how.

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Big ROIs:

Benefit from higher conversion, increased order values and an overall revenue boost of 29%.

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This unique feature distinguishes SPARQUE from other, blackbox, solutions. We guarantee we can meet your exact needs to make your customers happy via our nocode toolbox.

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Quick and easy setup:

Benefit from SaaS technology that fits seamlessly into your existing Shopware store.

Sparque -Supervised AI

What can SPARQUE.AI bring to your Shopware store?

Using SPARQUE.AI in your Shopware store is like having a trained sales person interact with your visitors. You get a highly improved user experience with personalized product discovery and recommendations, all with algorithms you control!

SPARQUE.AI is a no-code, fully optimizable search and product discovery solution powered by Supervised AI. Here’s how SPARQUE can help set your Shopware store apart:

1. Product discovery on the fly: Leverage AI to handle personalized customer interactions in real-time, adapting what is displayed to user activity.

2. Cross-sell with email: Use your webshop data to create personalized emails to customers and vice versa, making digital interactions truly omnichannel.

3. AI driven, human controlled: Let your data and AI do the heavy lifting while remaining fully in control.

Are you eager to supercharge your e-commerce sales?
Look no further!

Ready to unlock the potential of SPARQUE.AI for your online store? Don't miss out—act now! Reach out to us today and discover how you can revolutionize your e-commerce game. Your customers will thank you for it, and your bottom line will too!

Thorsten Martz, CEO & Founder, signTEK

“SPARQUE.AI empowers our clients to effortlessly connect their existing data sources, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates through intelligent strategies and optimized results.”

- Thorsten Martz, CEO & Founder, signTEK

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