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Bouwmaat is an omnichannel B2B wholesaler for construction materials. Personal attention is very important to Bouwmaat customers. SPARQUE’s personalised productlisters and search results, personalised category navigation and recommendations help each customer quickly find his or her preferred materials: “Bouwmaat gets me”.

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Construction professionals have strong preferences for familiar applications, materials and brand. Therefore, Bouwmaat displays the products in search results and lister pages in personalised order for each customer. The visitor sees familiar products and brands on top, while products that cannot be shipped immediately are ranked at the bottom. For customers, it is easier to find the right products and they can relate more to what is displayed. The improved customer experience goes hand-in-glove with higher conversion rates and order values.

Nick Vieberink, Manager Marketing & E-commerce Bouwmaat

“SPARQUE helps us to turn customer data into immediate, effective and versatile support for our customers. It fuels the passion we feel to give our customers the best experience possible.”

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