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About Starxx

STARXX supplies a large assortment of personal protective equipment to construction and industrial customers. Their key differentiator is providing the best advice to many small and medium sized enterprises. Everything is focused on helping customers to choose the most adequate equipment, by leveraging good content as well as data. STARXX presents every customer the right sizes, preferred brands and complementary products, 1-on-1 personalized.

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How SPARQUE.AI helped Starxx

SPARQUE.AI is the pivotal commerce engine in a headless implementation on an Intershop backend. The entire implementation has been done by De Nieuwe Zaak. SPARQUE.AI features, among others, personalized product listings, search results and recommendations, and follows the preferences of each customer regarding brand and size. In the product list, SPARQUE.AI does not simply display the default variant of each product, but always the size that is most relevant to each customer. Better user experience and higher conversion are a result.

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Joost Rust, entrepreneur at Starxx

“The AI package of SPARQUE.AI is custom configured for us and scales for future use cases. We don’t just respond to customers’ needs, we anticipate their needs.”


Use cases driven by SPARQUE.AI

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